Jan 22, 2011

The moments :)

You all..
always make me happy..
always make me smile..
always make me laugh..

If I was sick..
You all always took care of me..
If I cry..
you all quickly persuaded me..
If I was very happy..
we shared our happiness together..

now..I was very sad..I really miss you all..
where are you all are..
why you all did not come to persuaded me..
why we all must be separated..

where are you all now..where..where..
we all are friends right?
so,why we all must be separated..
please answer my questions..!
where are you all now?
why this life is so cruel..!
but I know..
this is the separation..
just left the memory..

>Noor Shahiza,Nurul Husna,Nur Syafiah,Nur Umairah,Nur Hafieza and Sarah NurQamarina..

you all always in my heart..
I love you all..
thanks for being my bestfriend..
you know..
you all are the best for me..
thanks for always make me happy..
thanks for being my friends..
all of you will be forever in my heart..

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